Whether you’re an Android user or a shameless Apple fanboy, there is no denying that the year 2012 went to Android. After living in Apple’s shadow, Android has really stepped up their game and took the mobile world by force.


In 2012, Samsung had 16 million more phones in the U.S. than Apple and, by the fourth quarter, saw 152 million Android phone sales worldwide. But how did this all happen? The lack of apps for the Android operating system was a major issue that kept it behind Apple, but with 2012 came a new era of apps. Google Market, redubbed Google Play was completely revamped to make way for the hundreds of thousands of new apps being created every month. July hit 1 million Andoid activations every day and the release of Android 4.1. In October of 2012, Google became more valuable that Microsoft for the first time.

Check out the infographic below presented by Startapp to learn more about Android’s success in 2012.

Startapp 2012


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