Google Celebrates Black History Month

google-black-historyIt is incredibly awesome to see an organization like Google recognize the contributions and necessity of a diverse workforce.

Google is partnering with the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), Black Founders and NewMe to host a celebration in honor of Black History Month.

This event will be held at the Google Headquarters in Mountain View on Tuesday February 5, 2013. Talks, networking, snacks and entertainment are on the agenda.

Diversity statement from Google

At Google, we don’t just accept difference – we thrive on it. We celebrate it. And we support it, for the benefit of our employees, our users, and our culture.

Having Googlers with a diversity of perspectives, ideas, and cultures leads to the creation of better products and services. By encouraging people to be themselves and supporting them in their interests and passions, we’re able to do cool things that matter.

To learn more about Google’s diversity efforts visit Diversity@Google and check out their Annual Diversity Report.

Register for the FREE event here.


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  1. I visited Google headquarters last year with my group from a program at UC Berkeley, We had the opportunity to speak with a representative from the Google “Doodle” team (the group that does the artwork for the homepage). While there, I was the only student interested in finding out why the team had not done anything for the past Black History Month. The representative found it interesting and said that he would definitely look into that and that it was probably just not presented before. Reading this article makes me proud to say that I asked the question that sparked this brilliant display of cultural acceptance. My name is Maurice Jackson and I am a 3rd Year Accounting student at Florida A&M University. Go Google!

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