Did you know that the profession with the highest divorce rate is not among doctors or lawyers? Instead it has been found that dancers and choreographers have the highest divorce rate of any profession, topping out at forty-six percent.  There are even states more given to divorce than others, such as Nevada, Arkansas, and Idaho, while others like Iowa, Massachusetts, and Illinois have the lowest divorce rates.


These statistics beg the question of why these things are true of our nation.  According to research, lack of communication is the number one reason for divorce.  On top of that, each divorce costs an average fifteen thousand dollars, which makes poor communication very expensive. Just ask Paul McCartney who lost $48.6 million dollars in a divorce settlement with his ex, Heather Mills.

Check out this infographic from Insurance Quotes to learn more about the divorce demographics in the United States.
Divorce in the U.S.

From: Bankrate Insurance’s InsuranceQuotes.com

Broken Unions: Divorce In The USA [Infographic] 1


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