With the eventual replacement for the 356, the Porsche 911 surpassed its predecessor in sales, longevity, and glory, becoming America’s favorite sports car. The 911 is so fantastically cherished by the car’s owners that Porsche has not been allowed to replace it, despite trying a couple times.


The first 911 was introduced in 1963 and the first was available for sale in September 1964 as a 1965 model. This model is so special because it has a lasting value, top-level engine performance, iconic design, and exceptional agility. The first Porsche 911 sold for $6,500 in 1964 and averages today for $116,325.

In 1965, the sports car went from zero to 60 miles per hour in 7.0 seconds and sold for $6,490. However, by 1988, the car sold for $51,770 and went from zero to 60 in just 5.3 seconds. The Porsche 911 is gradually improving, and by 2012 the car now sells for $83,050 but reaches zero to 60 miles per hour in a mere 3.8-4.0 seconds.

This iconic vehicle is constantly getting better with smaller, more powerful 3.4 liter engines, touch screen technology, redesigned suspension, and new transmission. There is no substitute for America’s favorite sports car – the Porsche 911.

Check out the infographic below presented by The Auto Gallery to learn more about the Porsche 911.



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