There is no doubt that social media has gone mainstream—hundreds of millions of users use social networking sites each and every day. Major U.S. brands recognize this and have adjusted their marketing strategies accordingly. Many of these brands have established a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, and Youtube—the most popular social networking tools in the online sphere today.

American Eagle Outfitters and Abercrombie and Fitch, two popular clothing retailers that appeal to younger Americans, use Facebook to promote new items and seasonal clothing lines. Home Depot uses YouTube to promote “how to” videos that help Internet users with various home-related projects, which helps in brand promotion. Victoria’s Secret promotes its world-famous bras, panties, lingerie, and beauty collections through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. Whole Foods Market promotes healthy food items and the importance of adopting a more active lifestyle via Pinterest, an incredibly popular photo-sharing tool.

Do you think all major businesses will eventually have to use social media to survive? Please discuss in the comments and check out the infographic below to learn more about which brands are using social!

Retail Social Media Top 10 [Infographic]
Retail Social Media Top 10 [Infographic]
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