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Interview with LUVVITT Founder Eli Altaras @ International CES 2013

While browsing around at the International CES 2013 event I had the pleasure of speaking with the Founder  and CEO of LUVVITT, Eli Altaras.  

Luvvitt  was founded in 2010 based on a love of technology and gadgets and has quickly gained a reputation for it’s high quality iPad cases and iPad covers. The name was inspired by the company’s effort to instill love into its products while also referring to the way it conducts business. And because Luvvitt crew takes extraordinary care to ensure the complete satisfaction of every customer, the news has spread virally, making the company a true leader in the industry at record speed.

After speaking with Eli I can see why this company is so successful.  He prides himself on listening to and understanding the needs of his target market as well as his customers creating products that just keep getting better.

I was thoroughly impressed with the long line of iPad accessories on display.  The craftsmanship and durability is apparent in each product.  To see more LUVVITT products goto their site




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    Great article!

  2. James Hicks says

    Nice article. I really like the pic of you with Victor and Diego

  3. InlikeFlynn says

    Great artical. Way to go!

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