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10 Ways to Get Your First Acting Role in a Movie

Landing a role in a movie is a challenge. Getting the opportunity to audition is the first and biggest hurdle. After all, if no one will see you, what good is acting talent or good looks or a great personality? Auditions in New York or Hollywood don’t happen by chance. They often happen one of several ways.

#1: You have an established agent.

#2: You know someone involved in the movie.

Most people don’t have an agent. Most people don’t know anyone in the movie business. How do you get to be that person? Here are eight ways to get to #1 or #2 and land yourself a movie role.

#3: So you know some people, right? You need to start networking yesterday. Look up everyone you know. What do they do? Who do they know? It may be that someone in your life knows someone in the movie business. Be careful not to let anyone take advantage of you. If a so-called agent asks for money for any reason, that’s a red flag.

#4: While you are waiting for an authentic connection, make connections of your own. Find the local independent film society. Often its members are film-makers, who know about commercial film-making in the area. Learn all you can about the business. If movies are filmed in your area, sign up as an extra.

#5: Get an internship where there are cameras. This may be the local news station or an advertising firm. You can learn just by being close to the local action. Maybe you’ll end up in a commercial or a news broadcast.

#6: Make You-tube Videos. Easy, right? Actually it is hard to get people other than friends to look at home-made videos. So, look at successful amateur internet videos. Get some advice from the people you meet at #4 and #5. How can you use You-Tube and Social Media to showcase your talents?

#7: Take classes that help you with the technical side of movie-making. This will help you with #6.

#8: Take acting classes. Getting better at acting never hurt anyone!

#9: Become a stand-up comedian. Try your material out on an audience at open mic night. Study real comedians and see how they do it. How can this help you with your internet presence?

#10: When you think you have enough experience, internet presence, talent and/or connections, go to New York or LA. Seek a reputable agent. Auditions in New York don’t happen by chance. What can you do to make it happen for you? Once you landed auditions in New York or LA, you may be on your way to your first movie role.

Drew Hendricks

Drew Hendricks is a tech, social media and environmental addict. He's written for many major publishers such as National Geographic and Technorati.

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