It’s not too difficult to understand why advertisers should focus their attention on mobile. The fact of the matter is that mobile searchers are ready to act. Around 50 percent of all mobile searches are locally targeted, which makes them very conversion-friendly. Mobile ads enjoy incredible visibility—two out of three consumers say they notice mobile ads. A full one out of three ads result in a click, and mobile targeted and optimized ad campaigns see higher clickthrough rates.

Mobile searchers are routinely turning to their smartphones to research automobiles before making a purchase, create travel arrangements, and search for nearby restaurants. Twenty percent of total car buyers researched the car on a smartphone; 44 percent of mobile travel searches resulted in a purchase; and 64 percent of mobile restaurant seekers convert within the hour. Mobile searchers largely engage with highly targeted, relevant ads that satisfy their needs.

Ultimately, what it boils down to for advertisers is this: targeted and optimized mobile ads deliver exceptionally high clickthrough rates.

Have you tapped into the power of mobile advertising? How have the results been? Please discuss and check out the infographic below presented by StartApp to learn more about mobile search and advertising.

What Advertisers Need to Know About Mobile [Infographic] 1

What Advertisers Need to Know About Mobile [Infographic] 2


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