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How Much Energy Do New Windows Save?

Energy costs are on the rise. This increase in energy costs has prompted people to do everything in their power to save on their next energy bill. While people are not turning on the heater and unplugging electronics, one simple action could help cut energy costs – replacing old windows with new ones.

Installing new windows in a home can help save energy. The following will look at just how much energy is saved and what needs to be done to see those savings on the next energy bill.

Just How Much Does Installing New Windows Save?

The amount of money that is saved by installing replacement windows in a home will really depend on what type of windows has been installed in the home. The approximate savings could be anywhere between $27 and $500.

What Type of Windows Need to be Installed in the Home?

Installing new single paned windows in a home can cut energy costs by approximately $27. This is the lowest amount a homeowner can save. Single paned windows will see the lowest savings due to the design of the window.

The single pane design does not provide extra installation that will keep heat in the home and the cold air out of the home. While the savings may only be $27 a year, it can really add up over time.

Another option available to homeowners is the installation of certified Energy Star products. Some windows are certified by Energy Star and considered extremely energy efficient. These products have undergone and passed rigorous tests that prove they are energy efficient products. Installing Energy Star certified windows in a home can help a homeowner save anywhere between $111 and $250 a year.

Energy Star windows are often more expensive to purchase, but the savings can really add up over time. Most homeowners will see savings closer to $250 and the windows can last for up to 10 years.

The last option available for homeowners is to replace double pane windows. Double paned window replacement can help a homeowner see a savings of anywhere between $200 and $500.

Homeowners will see the biggest savings if they replace single paned windows with double paned windows. This extra layer of insulation and protection allows homeowners to save money.

Can Other Things Factor into Savings?

Installing new windows can help homeowners see savings on their energy bills, but performing other actions near the windows can also help save energy. Placing curtains on the windows can help reduce the cost of heating a room. This is because the cold air stays outside and the warmer air stays in the room.

Another simple thing that can be done near the windows that save money is replace the caulking around the windows.  Caulking wears down over time and can create cracks in the seals of the window. Replacing the caulking can help homeowners see a considerable savings on their next energy bill.

Replacing windows and performing these simple actions can help homeowners save money on their next energy bill.

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