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Hands On: Koala iPad wall mount

The great folks over at Dockem recently sent over a Koala iPad wall mount to review and I’ve checked it out for a couple weeks.  It’s not that the review took weeks but basically I wanted to prove out that there wouldn’t be any residue left over from the adhesives used to mount it to the wall.

The Koala mount was very easy to set up and use. Plus, appears that it will fit any modern tablet.






My steps went something like this –

  1. Open the package and remove the 2 mount pieces and the 2 command strips.
  2. Peel and stick the command strips to the mount pieces
  3. Determine size by placing the Koala Mount parts on either side of my iPad 2
  4. Press against my cabinet.
  5. Remove ipad and press in the spots mentioned in the instructions (this may have been the most “difficult” step but only because I had to press and hold several times)

That was it. It is very convenient and can keep my iPad out of the way when needed.  I can see home uses for this wall mount in several places.  For example – in the kitchen when using the iPad as a recipe book or even the garage when working on a project with the help of a YouTube “how to” video.  They have additional ideas at the Dockem site.

Check the video below for information on using the Koala Mount and the easy removal.

The product is available in chrome, black and white at Dockem and Amazon.


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