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What to Do When You Don’t Know What’s Wrong With Your Baby

Colic affects many infants. Most infants don’t grow out of a colic stage until they are around six months old. Therefore, it can be hard to tell what is wrong with your baby when he or she is crying. Here are some things you can do to find out what might be troubling your bundle of joy.

Pick him up

This is the most common action parents take when their baby is crying. Some parents try to avoid holding their infants because they don’t want them to become spoiled and constantly want to be held. Nevertheless, if you want your child to stop crying, this may be the most appropriate action.

Try feeding

Some parents have their children on a strict feeding schedule, but many parents just wing it. They don’t want to withhold food from their baby even if they feel the baby is getting over-fed. Regardless, babies are going to spit up. Their stomach can only hold a few ounces of liquid before it is full. However, your baby may still get feelings of hunger. In those instances, it is up to you if you want to feed him and risk the spit up or try to wait for your baby to calm down on his own.

Instant gas relief

Gas relief drops are probably the safest things you can give to your baby. Most every pediatrician will tell you they feel it is perfectly safe to give your child gas drops on a regular basis.

If your baby doesn’t seem to calm down to any particular action, you should try giving him instant gas relief drops. His stomach may be gassy, causing slight stomach cramps. The gas drops will instantly break up those gasses and hopefully calm your baby.


Studies show that babies respond to pacifiers well. The sucking action stimulates certain neuroreceptors that help relax a baby’s body. If you chose to bottle-feed your baby, you should keep a few pacifiers nearby. Once your baby starts crying, see if a pacifier will help calm him down. Pacifiers are also great for helping babies take naps. Again, because of the relaxation they stimulate.

Hopefully, these tips can help you solve a crying crisis. If all else fails and you feel like something is actually wrong with your baby, bring him to your pediatrician for answers. Your pediatrician will be able to tell you what is triggering any crying episodes that aren’t caused by hunger or soiled diapers.

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