Are Oracle Certification Exams Difficult To Pass? 1Depending on who you ask, you may have heard that Oracle certification exams are easy, difficult, or flat out impossible. So which evaluation of these exams is the correct one? Of course, the answer will depend on the person and their level of preparation, but here are some more essential pieces of information to help you answer this question for yourself.

They Cover A Lot
In general, Oracle Certification Exams do cover a lot of information. The sheer quantity of information is enough to make them difficult for individuals who are not sufficiently prepared. The complexity of the information factors in also, but the complexity is nothing more than the distance between the material and the individual’s understanding of it.

They Require Experience
Most Oracle Certification Exams, if not all, require some real world experience. This means that passing these exams is more complex than memorizing many pages of notes. Instead, candidates must possess an actual understanding of how concepts take shape in the real world. Anyone who lacks this experience or the functional understanding that goes along with it will indeed have a tough time with these exams.

You Need The Right Tools
Last but not least, the perceived difficulty of these Oracle exams can be based on the quality of the exam prep tools that an individual uses. Some exam prep tools are woefully inadequate while others, like exam prep packages from TestsLive, are excellent. Choosing the wrong tools could make any exam seem difficult while choosing the right ones could make any exam seem like it isn’t difficult at all.



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