Kardashian Christmas Card 1I decided to publish the 2012 Kardashian family Christmas card for 1 particular reason (read below for THAT relevant reason…)


So the news worthiness of this photo, and any other photo from Kim Kardashian at this point in time is that, Kim has seemingly given Instagram (and in that case Facebook) an ultimatum. With all the debate about the updated Instagram Terms of Service, Kardashian has stated that she is upset and may be taking her account elsewhere.

Why is Kardashian relevant? She has the most followers of anyone on Instagram (5.7 million). What else is interesting and must be considered, in a report on TMZ, this could turn into a domino effect and, should Kim leave Instagram, so could her fans and family members.

Man – Instagram, you may want to get those revised terms posted soon. Just sayin’…

Image Source | Nick Saglimbeni

Kardashian Christmas Card 4


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