For Some of Us, There IS no Tomorrow

Spending an hour or so scanning the Web, it’s become apparent that a hell of a hot of people are deeply afraid of tomorrow.

Those Mayans and their calendar have got a lot of folks lathered up, in a deadly serious way.

The false prophets, the dirty hippies, the cosmophobics, the crazy and the delusional are queuing up to prepare for The End.  I’m okay with their panic. I hope they aren’t offended that I am going to sit this one out.

It dawned on me, after reading these articles, that for many of us, this is the last day. We have time to do something about it.

Someone is going to not be alive tomorrow, because they will succumb to cancer. We might know this person, and we haven’t spoken to them in years. It might be a family member who we have broken off communication with.

We have time to see them, or call, and forgive them.

We could do this today.

Someone is thinking about telling their spouse tomorrow morning they want a divorce. We can make the save this afternoon by falling into their arms and telling them they are the only one who really understands.

We could do this today.

Someone is going to be laid off tomorrow morning, shattering their lives and leaving them wondering how they will feed their children. We could make a couple of networking posts/calls today to start building our system of mutual support.

We could do this today.

Someone tomorrow will cancel their holiday party RSVP at your house for a better deal, a more “important” gathering with people who are more fabulous than we are. Today we could remind ourselves of who comprises our very small circle of true friends, and tell them how much we like them.

We could do this today.

We might have someone in our life who is not good for us. It could be a toxic relationship, a narcissistic parent or an enabling friend. We could tell them today that we will not be affected by their poison any longer.

We could do this today.

Some of us have a credit card bill that’s way overdue, and no way to pay it. We have avoided the collection calls and the letters, cringing every time our caller ID shows that number we don’t know. Tomorrow the card issuer might close our card and send our account to a collection agency, allowing us to not only never use the card again, but making us face a mountain of debt and a semi-permanent slash on our FICO score. Maybe we could call the bank, explain our situation honestly and make arrangements to get caught up, dinging but not crushing our credit score.

We could do this today.

Indeed, for some of us, there actually is no tomorrow, and for some of us on Friday, there will be no Saturday, and it goes on and on.

Today we have a chance to fix something, because tomorrow will be too late.

I have to go. There’s someone I need to call, right now.

John Scott

John Scott is the career services manager and a media instructor at the School of Multimedia Communications, Academy of Art University San Francisco. His second book, "You. Employed."is available in the Amazon book store.

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