“On a grading scale of A through F, experts say, Linkedin, eharmony and Last.fm would get, at best, a ‘D’ for password scrutiny.” – New York Times


Ever wonder how safe your information really is? Application security is integral to our daily lives, seeing as we live in a more technological age. Hackers are constantly developing new and inventive ways to access our private information. What exactly are we doing about it?

App security helps to keep hackers at bay. Unfortunately for us, technology is advancing at such a rapid rate it’s hard to keep up. Some sites just don’t have the resources to keep all of our information up to code with the technological changes. This opens us up to a number of vulnerabilities, giving hackers easy access to our information.

The infographic below, courtesy of Veracode, gives examples of some of the biggest hacks in history and what we’re doing to keep them from succeeding.

The State of AppSec 2012

Infographic by Veracode Application Security

App Security: What It Means For You 1


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