Did you know there is an estimated 5 to 7 million Americans who have been involved in cults, or cult-like groups? Each of these groups ranges from 3,000 to 5,000 people. Cults aren’t strictly tethered to religious groups, but can be found in marketing as well.


The largely known tech company, Apple, has over 66 million users, over 200 million iTunes accounts, and 1 in 10 cell phone users has an iPhone. The Apple cult also includes iPad users who just 1 in 4 users being a new Apple customer.

Cult brands communicate with the market in unusually scarce, deliberate and very targeted marketing PR and promotions. This adds mystique to the brand and rewards those on the inside. Cults, unlike most modern social phenomena, have a closed boundary. You’re either in or out. This creates passionate solidarity.

Ever wondered how to join a cult? Cult brands are an exclusive club. They deliberately sacrifice a larger market for a smaller inner circle that is taken through an elaborate “initiation” process to create committed solidarity. With cults, it’s actually not that easy to join – you can’t just “walk” in. There is a definite process to joining which converts people’s whole outlook.

To learn more about the psychology of cults and marketing check out the infographic below presented by ChristianDegrees.net.

The Psychology of Cults and Marketing [Infogrpahic] 1


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