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Next generation comics on the iPad

With the proliferation of tablet computers, where will comics go next? Earlier this year, we reviewed some “standard” comic readers for the iPad which are still great but we’re seeing more interactivity being developed.  This time we’re taking a look at some of next generation of comic/animation hybrids.

These go beyond the beautiful art, great stories and compelling dialog and take the reader to a new level of interactivity that you can’t get on a piece of paper.  I’m still a fan of the comic medium and I feel these offerings just add options for creativity and content that can expand the comic universe and potentially bring new/different fans.

Since they are interactive and have sound, I put together a quick video that will show you the apps.


Where to acquire:

Bottom of the 9th 01 (4.99 iPad)







Operation Ajax (4.99 iPad)





MadeFire (Free)



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