Your gym hasn’t seen you for a month and a half and you suspect them to be organizing a search party already. And you were going to go for that run but then it started to snow…

Maintaining your workout routine throughout the colder months of the year can be really challenging (unless you’re a personal trainer yourself) – not just because we hardly want to leave the house but also because we feel less motivated and energized.

Well, there is only one way to overcome the wintery drowsiness and get back on track – stop confessing your tiredness to your sofa and get yourself moving through one of these seasonal workouts! Read on to find out how to beat the winter lethargy in one merry and joyful battle!

1. Get Into the Mood of the Season With Yoga

While they’re certainly not the places you’d find lavishly decorated with Nativity scenes and White Christmas on the radio (but who knows, eh?), yoga studios are still one of the greatest places to set your mood for the season of love and forgiveness, and your body for, well, that party dress.

The beauty of yoga is that you can still strengthen your body through exercises that don’t require frantic squatting, crunching and an eventual collapse on the mat. You’ll be surprised at how easy a workout can be, once you’re not surrounded by huffing and puffing people and the only sound you have to focus is the one of your inhales and exhales, or a quiet relaxation music in the background.

Some studios even do candlelight sessions – ideal for fighting back not only the darkness outside of the window but the winter gloominess in ourselves, too.

2. Jingle All the Way (Go Dancing!)

So you’ve already got the moves like Jagger? I’m quite undecided if that’s a good or a bad thing, so let’s just say that a little improvement (or fixing) couldn’t hurt. With party season approaching, it’s quite obvious why getting your dose of exercise would be quite a practical thing to do. Besides, it is almost inevitable that at some point you’ll be rocking it or shaking it to your favourite Christmas tune (yes, even in a Capoeira class).

Group activities are great for staying motivated when your sofa and slippers are calling for you, and you’re more likely to turn up if there is a certain timetable to adhere and because it will never get boring! Besides, you’ll be focusing on being a better dancer rather than a slimmer one, which doesn’t mean you won’t be shedding pounds – it’ll just come off more naturally and painlessly.

3. Warm and Snug… Outdoor Running

Could there be a better way of taking in the scenic snowed-in landscapes than going for a long outdoors run – a natural fat burner! If the thought alone is making you quiver – even better! Did you know that as much as standing outside in the cold shivering can actually burn some calories?

If you fear that snowy and icy roads makes you more prone to painful (and embarrassing) falls, give your running shoes a chance! I didn’t pay an extortionate amount for mine and have never as much as slipped in them.

If staying warm is your concern it doesn’t mean you have to put on everything you have in the closet. You will have to layer up, but smartly; choose fabrics that trap the body heat while also allowing the sweat to move gradually to the outer layers to evaporate, rather than turning cold and running down your spine (brr!).

To keep the sweat away from your body, choose a synthetic wicking material for your innermost layer, an insulating material for the second one and wind and water-proof outer layer.

I hope you aren’t planning on sitting out on Santa run this year!

Or are you?

Image by Tony Smith


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