Here we are, in the prime of football season. We’ve got our favorite teams to root for, our favorite jersey’s to wear on game day, and our smartphones in our hands. So, why not put that smartphone and love for football to use? With Football Connect, you’ve got the game in your hands. This application integrates all the live NFL game scores and highlights with a fun social football game you can play with your friends. The app includes every live NFL game, real time game cast, and player stats.

What is a football game without a little smack talk? The New York Jets fans chat the most trash talk of the application, accounting for 25% of all chat on Football Connect. While the jets fans are going back and forth, the Atlanta Falcons are being strategic with the most successful swaps that result in ‘connects’ with 35%.

However, the New England Patriots are racking up points in the loyalty and lady sector. The Pats have 55% of fans that play week over week. Not only do they have the most loyal fans, but 20% of all female Football Connect players root for the Pats.

If you’re a football lover who wants to really interact, get your head into the game with Football Connect. Challenge your friends, and be apart of this American tradition with some Fantasy Football right at your fingertips.

The Perfect Football Fan 1
Courtesy of OneUp


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