The television series Survivor is a TV show based in different countries around the world where contestants compete against one another by surviving off the land for cash and prizes. However, while the contestants are living mainly off the land and surviving to win, medical issues start to arise. Over the last 25 seasons of the hit TV show, there have been 37,500 medical consultations by the on-set medical team.

The medical team consists of 3 paramedics, 3 nurses, and 3 doctors who are only call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The doctor’s have no power except what is supplied by generators, and only the supplies they can carry with them through the field. The camera crews are also trained in basic first aid and snake bite treatment.

Contestants don’t have to be evacuated to get medical care, nor are they automatically disqualified for receiving help. No over the counter pain medications or minor dressings are allowed for “comfort” and contestants are allowed to receive medical care only to keep them healthy.

There have been many injuries that have taken place on Survivor but that doesn’t stop thousands of people from auditioning to be on the show. To learn more about what goes on behind the scenes on Survivor check out the infographic below presented by

Surviving Survivor [Infographic] 1


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