It is important in your life to become successful, and being a leader can help achieve this goal. Becoming a leader takes time, qualification, and leadership development. While having leadership development is important, 64% of learning executives are focusing on speeding up leadership development at their organization. Additionally, 44% of companies plan to increase spending on executive education. On average, companies are spending $1,228 per employee on learning and development.

Becoming a leader means having steps and goals in the leadership development training first. The first step is preparation, next on the list of goals is character, principles, personality, performance, experience, expression, and influence. It is important to walk the talk, have charisma, work ethic, training, and bringing about change and difference.

Once training is over, it’s important to put the steps of a leader into action. These steps include anticipation, critical thinking, interpretation, decision, alignment, and learning. Bringing your leadership skills into play, be sure to balance precision and quickness to keep your team moving forward, question everything to solve underlying problems and build trust and teamwork reliance among employees.

Business agility is the ability to adapt rapidly and cost efficiently in response to changes in the business environment. While 60% of CEOs said that creativity was their most sought after leadership ability, a leader strategically adapts and mixes different styles to fit any situation.

Habits of Successful Leaders
Infographic by Michigan State University, earn your Strategic Leadership & Management Certificate.

Getting Fit to Lead [Infographic] 1



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