Here’s a project I can definitely support!

THE PLAN (as per the Kickstarter project page)

With your support, we can put SIA in the hands of people worldwide. The project is currently in the final stages of design and development, ready for production. Production date is tentatively scheduled for December 1 – with Whisky in hand delivered to the US in late January 2013 (It’s a 6-8 week cycle from when we say “go”).

The main portion of funds received from our Kickstarter will go towards purchasing the actual spirit and glass as well as bottling costs and freight and taxes. The goal of this project is $39,000.

For this initial run, each case comes to roughly $118 (quantity 250 cases) This cost includes liquid cost, glass order and etching, label printing, cork and cap purchase, foil and outer shipping box, bottling process costs, freight from Scotland and US taxes. Total $29,500.
Rewards and fulfillment costs are roughly $6,500.

Kickstarter and Amazon fees are very reasonable fees at 8-10% of the total (roughly $3,000) in order to make pledge fulfillment easy. They work hard to make this all work for us.

Once in hand, a very aggressive sales campaign will begin to make sure the first batch is sold quickly and a second, larger batch can be ordered and enjoyed. In exchange for your generous support, there are a number of rewards to enjoy as well as some pretty impressive recognition.


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