With a majority of people owning a smartphone or tablet, it’s all about apps nowadays. When creating the next new app, make sure it gets all the exposure possible. App popularity is increasing and Nielsen reported that the average number of apps on a smartphone increased from 32 to 41 and apps’ share of internet usage increased from 73% to 81% in just the last year.


You don’t want your app to get lost among the 558,065 apps that Android offers. Once you’ve created the perfect app, there are a few guidelines to practice in your app distributions. First impressions are very important. Use specific keywords to the reach the right audience. Getting good ratings means having a higher rank. Remind your customers to rate your app and also get external app review sites to rate your app. Make sure your app doesn’t crash and pay to be pre-loaded. Pre-loaded apps are the applications that come with the device when it is purchased.

To gain more exposure, use an alternative app store as well. All app stores do not sell the same app for the same price. All of these app stores encourage developers to choose them to publish their apps with. To get the maximum benefits from your app, regularly update the app, make more than one app and make sure your app is improving. Apps are just getting more common, don’t be ordinary. Be extraordinary. Check out this this info-graphic presented by StartApp.com

Achieve Maximum Android App Exposure [Infographic]
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