Healthcare seems to be on everyone’s mind these days.  With all the talk of ObamaCare and changes in health insurance methods, one might wonder what’s in store for the future of healthcare and those who choose healthcare as their career path.

There is one generation that may be more concerned about this than any other generation today: The Baby Boomers.  Baby Boomers, those who were born post-WWII, still represent America’s largest population and they are all nearing retirement age.  The oldest of the Baby Boomers are turning 65 and they are concerned about what the future holds with regards to their ability to get healthcare.

So, what is the health industry doing to prepare for this influx of elderly? One answer is: they are beefing up staff and opening thousands of new jobs each year.  For instance, employment of Physical Therapists is expected to jump by 36% by the year 2020.  That’s a lot of therapy for a generation staying active longer than previous generations!

To find out more about the future of healthcare careers, check out this infographic brought to you by Top Master in Healthcare.  If you’re one of those nearing retirement, the prospects of so many new faces in healthcare just might put your mind at ease.

Healthcare Jobs are Booming [Infographic] 1

Healthcare Jobs are Booming [Infographic] 2


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