Social stereotypes and cliques in high school are familiar to just about everyone.  Whether you were a jock, a nerd, a cheerleader or a geek, you are almost certainly familiar with the feeling of being categorized based on a few things about your social (or anti-social) interactions.

Some people may think that those categories don’t move beyond the walls of the school building, but there is ample evidence to the contrary.  This infographic, brought to you by Wix, shows us how social media could be the new metaphorical “high school”.

Did you know that there have been about 163 BILLION tweets since twitter launched?  Did you also know that 71% of those tweets have been ignored? It’s also interesting to note that the most cyber bullying takes place on Facebook.

From Linkedin to Pinterest, this inforgraphic will tell you more about what type of person uses each site and what they’re using it for.  If social media were a high school yearbook, which page would you be on?

social stereotypes infographic



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