As human beings are wired to fight. We enjoy watching the phrase “survival of the fittest” playing out before our eyes.  Yet, we are especially fond of the “unfit” that beats the odds and comes out on top.

Almost equal to our love of sports comes our love of betting; the thrill of the risk and the exuberance of winning.  It’s no wonder that sports and gambling has always been a beautiful match, lasting for thousands of years.  From the gladiator to the football player, sports audiences have been betting on their favorites for as long as man has fought against man.

Perhaps the most enjoyable win in gambling is the one placed on the underdog and we certainly have plenty of examples to choose from.

This infographic, brought to you by, takes a look at the some of the greatest underdog wins in recent history.  These are the times when betting on the fittest is the worst possible choice.  When a $10 bet on the underdog gets a $20,000 payout, it might be time to cash in and go home.

Underdog Sports Bets
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