The way of the salesperson has changed dramatically over the last few years. Be it due to technology advancing or the newest social trends, one thing remains certain – salespeople cannot sell the way they used to.

The A-B-C’s of sales has taken a turn for the worst. Why is this? Well, consumers are becoming more product savvy, for one. They are familiarizing themselves with the product before they even talk to a salesman. Back in the “hay day” of sales, the salesperson would take the consumer through the entire process. Explaining the product and talking about its perks was a huge part of making the sale. Not so, today.

Social media has also become a huge contributor in the downfall of the sales techniques of old. We communicate with each other, now more than ever. Facebook and Twitter enable us to comment on the fly about products, and allow for our friends and family to see our experiences in real time. This can give one a giant advantage over a salesperson before they even pick up the phone to call.

Ultimately, the old techniques have gone the way of the dinosaur; they’ve become extinct. In order for salespeople to keep up, they need to adapt new strategies that fit consumers needs. This infographic, provided by Postwire, explains just how to remain a relevant salesperson in today’s social economy.

The Evolution Of The Salesperson [Infographic]

courtesy of Postwire


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