Recently we looked at iGrand Piano for iPad and now IK Multimedia has come out with a version of the app for the iPhone and iPod touch.

From the press release:

November 2012 – IK Multimedia – the leader in mobile music-creation apps and accessories for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch – is proud to announce the release of iGrand Piano for iPhone and iPod touch, a concert quality, highly playable, and extremely expressive app, offering 17 gorgeous sounding stereo pianos that rival the best virtual pianos for Mac and PC.

The app’s stunning graphics are native to iPhone 4, iPhone 5,and the new iPod touch, meaning that its display utilizes the full screen size of the new devices, but is also optimized for previous models.

iGrand Piano for iPhone and iPod touch provides the same features, sound quality and piano lineup as the recently released iGrand Piano for iPad. Users get a virtual gallery of pianos including grands, baby grands, uprights, and even specialty pianos. The app includes a collection of 8 pianos, which can be expanded up to 17 via in-app purchase.

You get the same great sounds as on the iPad but in a more compact form.  This app would be a great companion to the iRig KEYS we reviewed just this week.  You could play the keys on the iPhone or iPod touch screen but larger hands may have some difficulty hitting all the intended keys.

Here is an Audio demo Link:

You really have to go listen to these recordings to get a feel for the quality of the sound and what can be done with the IK Multimedia applications.  If you have used these or other piano apps, let me know in the comments.

New App - iGrand Piano for iPhone/iPod touch 1


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