The Rise in Private Tutoring Around the World 1Every year, it gets harder and harder for students to get into college. More parents are turning to private tutors to give their children an upper hand when it comes to receiving a higher education. These tutors can help students with specific subjects or with SAT or ACT preparation, and children who receive tutoring do generally improve their GPAs and test scores. Parents who are willing and able to pay for these services provide the opportunity for their child to present a more competitive application to the colleges of their choice.

The increase in demand for these services has led to profitable opportunities in the education franchise business.  More tutors are needed to fulfill the needs of the students, and education franchises offer the opportunity for parents to rest assured that the person tutoring their child in reputable and qualified.

Defining “education franchise”

The idea of an education franchise simply means offering a consolidated place to provide a variety of tutoring services.  Usually, tutoring is offered from the preschool level all the way to entrance-exam test preparation.  Due to the increased demand, many companies have been started to employ a large number of tutors to service one particular geographic area. This way, the parents simply pay the larger company and get the peace of mind that the tutors have the proper qualifications and so on.

How it’s done

Running a franchise allows the owner to capitalize on hiring tutors and matching them with potential students. Most franchise owners provide some level of start-up cost, but they receive extensive training from the corporation headquarters, as well as operational tools and continued marketing assistance.

Private tutoring is a fast-growing business, and it needs business-savvy minds to keep up with the worldwide demand. Most franchise corporations don’t require franchise owners to be teachers or even have education backgrounds. Most simply require a Bachelor’s degree and a passion for helping children in the community reach their full potential.  Some companies also offer assistance with site selection and design of the education center in order to help the new owner maximize the profitability of the center.   They also offer ongoing support.

It comes down to a simple economic equation. Demand has increased and so must supply. These centers provide ample opportunities for students of any grade level to receive tutoring, no matter their skill level. By preparing the students for the stresses of the classroom or the college entrance exams, the centers provide a service not only for the students but for the community as a whole. The education franchises also offer the chance to build a business a field that is improving every year, despite the downturns in the economy.



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