College campuses are not always known for their advancements in technology, however the times are changing and colleges are becoming more aware of how technology can help themselves and their students.

A form of technology that has made its way onto college campuses is digital signage. Digital signage is typically found in shopping malls and fast food restaurants but has recently found its way into the education arena. It is a great way to convey information quickly as well as grabbing the attention of its viewers. This is great for college campuses, because with the large amount of people it can sometimes be hard to get everyone’s attention and share information.

This infographic presented by Digital Signage Today illustrates how colleges are integrating digital signage into their campuses. Check it out below to learn more.

Digital Signage: Big Screen on Campus [Infographic]
Digital Signage Big Screen on Campus [Infographic]
Compliments of Digital Signage Today


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