You’re crouching on the edge of a watering hole; a zebra leans down for a drink. The lighting is perfect, the sun has started the set and the sky is a beautiful mirage of oranges, pinks and blues. This is the shot you have been waiting for; this picture will make you rich. The zebra glances up; you capture the moment, and low and behold…redeye.

You curse in frustration, the zebra flees and you’re back to square one. Except now you have no subject as well as no photo.

You might be the most skilled photographer in the world, but without the right camera, you might as well be using a disposable. It is said that a poor workman always blames his tools, but in the world of photography, if you haven’t got the tools you might as well go home.

Is Photography a dangerous occupation? 1

Different locations require different equipment and techniques and it definitely pays off to do your research, starting with the info below…
Infographic mentioning the benefits of the Canon Eos 600d


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