Bath Products for Kids – The Naked Truth Behind Epsom Bath Salts 1Most individuals believe that Epsom salts have some medicinal benefits when dissolved in bath water for kids. When it comes to bath products for kids, it is only normal for parents and guardians to be careful about the products they purchase. Though Epsom salts have been in use for the longest time now, there is no conclusive research that supports its use and acclaimed benefits when used in bath water for kids. Despite this fact, a lot of individuals, including some physicians, believe in the folklore of it being a healing soak.


So, exactly what is Epsom?


Epsom is a name given to a seawater mineral. It is named Epsom because its first distillation happened in Epsom, England. This salt is also commonly referred to as magnesium Sulphate as it is a combination of magnesium metal that has been bonded to oxygen and sulfur. These salts have been used for many years in bath water therapy, but its use on kids is still being debated upon.


Undoubtedly, Epsom salts have lots of documented medicinal uses when ingested or injected into the blood system. It is known to treat the level of magnesium in the body, and address various causes of seizures.


Are kids supposed to use Epsom salts in their bath?


Just like the myth on chicken soup, Epson salts’ power to heal only relies on unsubstantiated claims with no conclusive research (scientific) to back up them up. This is not to say that these salts do not work, because they do. Actually, kids can gain a lot from Epsom salts in bath water. Before using these salts in your child’s water, it is advisable to check with the doctor for any pre-existing conditions that may be aggravated by the salts. Consulting a doctor would be a wise idea in case a child ingests Epsom salts or has a skin reaction to the bath salts.


Special Epsom salt application


For children with autism or Sulphate deficiency, it is advisable to bath them regularly with Epsom salt. This is because the salts restore Sulphate in their body. These ions are directly absorbed into their skin and enter the bloodstream to the kidneys and digestive system. Even though the healing effect of Epsom salts on autism is mostly anecdotal, autistic kids are known to have low Sulphate levels. Because the bath process in not invasive, physicians do recommend that children with autism should be bathed with Epsom salts.


According to Webster’s Musing at, kids with autism have low levels of sulphate mainly due to the fact that it is excessively lost in urine, inadequate absorption in the gut, and due to poor sulphate recycling by the kidney. When kids with autism bath with Epsom salts, they increase their levels of sulphate as it is absorbed in the skin. These magnesium (Epsom salts) aids in digestion too as kids with autism suffer from incomplete digestion.




Despite the fact that no conclusive evidence backs the use of Epsom salts in bath water for kids, it is clear that it actually works to ease muscle tension and even increase the levels of sulphate in the body. This is a great relief for kids with autism and their parents. So far, there have not been claims of any side effects, maybe only if one has a pre-existing allergy condition.


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