Brown Bagging: Pack Your Lunch and Save Thousands

If you’re trying to watch your wallet and your waistline, consider brownbagging your lunch. A typical worker regularly buys both a morning coffee and their lunch while on the job. And brownbagging it could save you more than you think. The average worker spends more than $3.50 on coffee every day, and more than twice that on eating out for lunch. Over a year’s time, this adds up to just over $3,000. Brownbagging your lunch could cut your costs by about 80% — and it could save your waistline, as well. 17% of workers say they get fast food at least once per week to minimize time wasted and lunch costs. The processed foods are full of chemicals, and rarely as fresh as advertised. Bringing your lunch to work might just save your body from the toxic chemicals in our everyday fast foods.

If health isn’t your thing, consider the financial benefits. While the average worker believes they spend more on commuting than food, they’re usually incorrect in this assumption. Most workers would rather be reimbursed for their transportation costs than their lunches, but that’s not the most fiscally sound judgement. In fact, the average commuter spends about $1,500 per year on transportation, while coffe and lunch costs more than $3,000. If you have some foresight and plan your meals, you can theoretically eat lunch for less than $1 per day. And you’ll feel better — you’re more likely to eat healthier when you make your own food choices ahead of time, versus going out to eat, slave to whims to a fast food menu. Next time someone says “let’s do lunch,” consider the costs and benefits to your health and your wallet.

Brown Bagging Infographic


Drew Hendricks

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