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Tom Daley To Host Celebrity Diving Show

If you watched the London 2012 Summer Olympics you know Tom Daley, especially the teenage – 20 something ladies out there…

Tom Daley has a heart-touching personal story and had a tremendous showing in the pool as he brought home the Bronze Medal in the 10-meter dive competition.

Now, Tom is stepping into the spotlight again, but this time he’s teaching non-professional athletes (actually celebrities) how to dive, and make it look graceful.

Based on the format of a hit Netherlands TV show produced by Eyeworks USA, the new series will feature celebrities compete in diving competitions to be judged by a panel of professional divers.

In a statement obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, Eyeworks USA founder Reinout Oerlemans said:

Eyeworks had been developing the Celebrity Splash format for years, confident that it would resonate in the family entertainment genre with audiences around the world.

Now, coming off its huge and instantaneous success in Holland, with SBS believing in its potential based on the strength of the format, we are thrilled to have sold it to the US.

That’s right, Daley is coming to the US – ABC has picked up the Celebrity Splash reality show.

Here is a clip from the show to give you a sample of what to expect.

What do you think? Does Celebrity Splash stand a chance against American Idol, Dancing With the Stars, The Voice, or even WipeOut?

I say, if Honey Boo Boo has a hit show, then we can at least give Tom Daley a shot.

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