Rovio and George Lucas have joined forces (pun intended…)

The cast of characters from Angry Birds will assume the roles of some of our favorite Star Wars characters. Luke Skywalker will be represented by the Red Bird and the other birds will play other good guys, while those bad pigges will take on roles from the evil Empire.

Angry Birds Star Wars 1

The Android and iOS apps, which will be available on November 8, will allow players to battle the Empire at various familiar Star Wars locations and utilize similar gravitational effects as those introduced in Angry Birds Space.

What is really cool though – the app will all feature sounds direct from the movie – so we’ll get the squeal of the pigs and the march of Vader at the same time.

Angry Birds Star Wars 2

Per a report in TechCrunch, Rovio is also bringing to market a series of board games and plush toys that should be at your local Toys-R-Us shortly.

Merry Christmas Angry Birds fans!

Angry Birds Star Wars 3


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