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5 Celebrities That Go To Chiropractors

While celebrities are often glamorized for their talents in tabloid magazines and on the news, most don’t realize that they are normal people just like anyone else. And because of this, many celebrities go to chiropractors when they sustain injuries of their own.

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres, who hosts her own talk show, was recently talking about a time during her anniversary party when she injured her back. Ellen stated that her chiropractor claims that she injured her back so easily because of her poor posture. While Ellen normally sits and crosses her legs, her chiropractor recommended that she sit straight up with her legs planted firmly on the ground like Forrest Gump.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

According to, Arnold Schwarzenegger has been a fan of chiropractic for more than 30 years. Arnold says that he has an in-house chiropractor to help not only him but also his wife and children when they need adjustments. As everyone who knows of Arnold and what he does, he is definitely no stranger to strains and injuries. After being a successful bodybuilder for many years, Arnold switched to being an action movie star. From both working out and performing stunts, Arnold would need adjustments quite often.

Montel Williams

Montel Williams, the popular talk show host, has been known to talk about his constant battles with Multiple Sclerosis and how that caused neuralgic pain in the lower areas of his body. After visiting a Seattle chiropractor after his constant pain, Montel claims that he walks better and has regained extra strength in his left leg.

Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong, the 7 time winner of the Tour De France, claims that his chiropractor was the most important man on the entire racing team. After all, while the riders are the ones who must win the race, a chiropractor is essential to keep everyone in check and to make sure that they all feel okay while riding. Bike riders in long races will be hunched over for many miles, which can give them constant back problems. This is why Lance Armstrong states that chiropractors are so important to help prevent constant pain so that a person can race efficiently.

Emmitt Smith

Former professional football player Emmitt Smith cites chiropractors as being one of the main factors that have kept his body healthy over the years. Don’t believe he is still in great shape? For a person that has been hit more times than the average person, he ended up winning the 3rd season of Dancing with the Stars in 2006. Emmitt says that he would visit a chiropractor after each football game to ensure that his body doesn’t carry too much pain throughout the rest of the week.


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