Getting ready for the presidential political debates, which start tomorrow, I thought it only fitting to post this story for those of you on BOTH the left and the right.

Introducing the “Chia Poll” – the real breakdown of American voter sentiment. Internet and in-store sales at K-mart are quite telling when it comes to Chia versions of Mitt Romney and Barack Obama.

In the most recent sales data available from Joseph Enterprises, Inc. of San Francisco (the company that markets Chia Obama and Chia Romney), the reported sales figures since the start of the first airing of Joseph Enterprises’ TV commercial featuring both Chia Romney and Chia Obama (from September 17, 2012 – September 29, 2012) are as follows:

Chia Obama 69.6% vs. Chia Romney 29.5%.

Additional sales for items in Joseph Enterprises’ “Freedom of Choice” collection during these same dates were for Chia Gingrich 0.3% and Chia Ron Paul 0.5%.

These results reflect the latest sales figures reported to Joseph Enterprises from K-mart and online retailers, and according to Joe Pedott, President of Joseph Enterprises.

Will the sales of the Chia versions of Obama and Romney reflect the actual outcome of the election? Only time will tell.

Chia Obama Sales Are Leading Chia Romney Sales... 1

You know you want one – go ahead here’s the link to get your own Obama and/or Romney Chia.

Chia Obama Sales Are Leading Chia Romney Sales... 2


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