That’s right – the Earth is singing…

Check out this recording from NASAs Storm Probe mission satellites.

These satellites are investigating the chorus waves generated by the Van Allen belts

The Earth is Singing 1


What are chorus waves and what are the Van Allen belts? Great question…

Chorus waves in Earth’s magnetosphere are generated in the Van Allen radiation belts by electrons spiraling along Earth’s magnetic field lines in this region. Once generated, the chorus waves interact with the moving electrons, disturbing the spiral orbit of the electrons and causing them to fall into Earth’s upper atmosphere along the magnetic field lines.

Chorus waves consist of a rapid succession of intense ascending tones, rising in frequency over very short time intervals, each tone lasting typically less than one second. The frequencies of these rising tones occur in the audio frequency range and sound like a dawn chorus of chirping birds, a sound which gives these waves their name.

Now you know. Very cool indeed

Summarized from | Mashable

Van Allen belt info via | University of Iowa

The Earth is Singing 2


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