Nurses are an integral part of our healthcare system, and boy do they work hard. Most nurses work three shifts a week and on average walk 4 miles, which totals to nearly 1 mile more than a 5k run. So, collectively America’s nurses walk 4,697,144 miles each day, which is equivalent to walking across the U.S. 1,753 times. That’s a lot of exercise!

Nurses main job is to care for individuals. Therefore, a single nurse will see an average of 6.9 patients per day. On an average day 8,102,573 Americans are cared for by the hands of a nurse. Meaning, 2.5% of America’s total population is a nurse’s patient. Also, every single day, nurses transfuse an average of 82,192 components of blood.

Want to know more about what nurses do during a day of work? Check out the infographic below presented by Jacksonville University School of Nursing.


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