EXCLUSIVE - On the Flight Line Video of Space Shuttle Endeavour 1Today has been an awesome day for news and space enthusiasts. As many of you all know, the Space Shuttle Endeavour flew through California today on it’s way to Los Angeles as it’s final resting point in the Aerospace Museum.


There were some incredible photos captured throughout the day as the modified 747 carried the Shuttle across the Golden State. But no one, and I do mean no one has THIS exclusive.

Our Senior Editor, Eric Burks is on the flight line in Los Angeles getting one of the first up-close and personal views of Endeavour – folks we were on the scene even before the local news crews.

First of all apologize for the slight choppiness of the video, Skype over 3G wasn’t our friend today, but here is a 3 minute perspective video you won’t get from anywhere else.

Oh and yeah, you can probably tell our enthusiasm as this is a pretty cool and rare event to have been able to capture.

Image Source | NASA


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