Times sure have changed since 1950, especially in regards to income. Not only income, but the way lives are lived and the difference between married couples and single parents. Women who have been employed 80% of the time since the birth of their child are twice as likely to divorce as their stay-at-home counterparts. Not to mention, there are many more big differences in having two incomes in the home compared to just have one income.

Back in 1950 the average household had a median income of $5,000, compared to the $40,000 per household in present day. Even though in 1950 an average household made $5,000, that would be equivalent to earning $42,524 at current levels. Nowadays, 50% of women are working compared to only 34% back in 1950. With more women working in present day, the size of the average family has dropped from the 50s. The average family is 2.5 today and back then it was 3.5.

Check out the infographic below to learn more about how times have changed since the 1950s.

The Two Income Trap [Infographic] 1



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