Be Smart; Use Cell Phone Trackers to Keep an Eye on Your Children From Work 1Parenting is a hard and thankless job and being a single mom is a nightmare. I work around ten hours a day only to come home and struggle to keep my children under control. Due to my work hours I have no way of monitoring my children or even keep an eye on them. This led to my eldest son becoming unwittingly involved with dangerous people. After finding about that I surfed the internet to find a way to keep tabs on my children and I came up with a cell phone tracker called StealthGenie.

StealthGenie’s Compatibility

I found out that this cell phone tracker is a multiplatform app which is compatible with a number of smartphone operating systems. Here is a list of the smartphone operating systems on which this app can work:

  • iOS 4.0 and 5.0
  • Android 2.1 till 4.0
  • BlackBerry 4.6 till 7.0

Cell Phone Tracking and StealthGenie

StealthGenie proved to be a very simple app to use. I was provided with a username and password upon purchase which I then used to log onto StealthGenie’s website. After logging onto StealthGenie’s website I was able to access the GEO location feature to view the current location of the target phone. To view the phone’s location history I simply opened the GEO tracker feature.

StealthGenie’s Monitoring Features

StealthGenie offered me a wide range of other functions designed to maximize monitoring of the target phone. This includes the following:

1. Call Features

StealthGenie allowed me to record the calls made and received by my children’s phones. I was even able to customize the settings to choose which calls to record and which to ignore. The app uploads the recordings to my account on StealthGenie’s website, form where I can download and listen to them. It also allowed me to view the call logs of my children’s phones, including details such as the call duration and the number dialed.

2. SMS Messages Feature

The app also allowed me to view the content of the incoming and outgoing SMS messages of my children’s phones,

3. Chat Services

StealthGenie allowed me to view chats my children conducted through BBM; this feature also works for Google Talk.

4. Data Access

It allowed me to view the data saved in the target phone. Data such as the music, pictures and videos saved on my children’s phones.

5. Internet Monitoring

StealthGenie gave me access to the web browser history and the bookmarks of my children’s phones

6. Live Recording

Finally, the app allows me to record the live surroundings of my children’s phones by letting me send an SMS command.


With a price starting from 8 dollars a month, StealthGenie is one of the most feasible cell phone trackers out there. This along with the fact that StealthGenie offers several invaluable features makes me recommend this to anyone who wishes to use a cell phone tracker.

Be Smart; Use Cell Phone Trackers to Keep an Eye on Your Children From Work 2


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