Even though now that everything can be done on a smartphone and your social status is determined by how many ‘likes’ you get, science has still yet to discover how to print out a pizza. Until then, people still gotta eat! And in order to reach out to customers via the media they use most (the social variety), the Foodservice Social Media Universe (#FSMU) was brought together to further the usage of social media specifically for restaurants.


Based on the number of Twitter followers, Facebook likes, Pinterest, YouTube, and even Klout scores were examined for the top ten limited service restaurants in the United States. These ten companies have done an exceptional job reaching out and connecting to the population that is too glued to their phone to even remember to eat with a friendly “Hey, we are still here!” Take a look at this infographic and see where your favorite restaurants rank.

Restaurant Social Media Top 10 [Infographic]
Restaurant Social Media Top 10 [Infographic]
Compliments of QSRweb.com and Foodservice Social Media Universe


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