When making a successful book, you have to know your audience, the length of your book as well as the price and content.  The average length of a bestseller is 375 pages long and books around  $3.99 earn the most revenue. However, books that sell for around $0.99 sell 12 times as much and 5 times more books are read that cost around $7.99.


So, what is your audience reading? Women are 50% more likely to finish a book than men. The books these women are reading are more romantic and literary books than self help books. Men are reading more historical books and literature and reading religious books least. Men are also 10 times more likely to show interest in books that feature a male protagonist character. However, books with a female protagonist are 40% more likely to become a bestseller.

The average reading habits between people under the age of 40 and over the age of 40 have a very big difference as well. People under 40 have a reading rate of 60 pages per hour while those under 40 read an average of 45 pages per hour. When people under 40 are reading their book of choice, the usually read for an hour with an average book of 300 pages- however, they only complete 40% of the book. People over the age of 40 complete 70% of their average 420 page book and read for 2 hours at a time.

With people only completing 30% of their 600 page books by page 50, it is important that your book you’re writing is a decent length. Also, know your audience and who is reading what- this way you will ensure a bestselling title.

Check out this infographic presented by Hiptype to learn more.

The DNA of a Successful Book [Infographic] 1


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