There is a new face in cyber warfare in the 21st-century. Discovered in June 2010, a computer worm titled Stuxnet was jointly created by the US and Israel to slow Iran’s nuclear efforts. Beginning in 2006, the US Military and intelligence officials proposed a top-secret cyber war program against Iran’s Uranium Enrichment Program, code named “Olympic Games”. This is the most complicated computer worm the world has ever seen.

While in 2008, centrifuges at the Natanz plant began crashing, former President Bush urged President elect Obama to continue “Olympic Games”. In 2009 the US estimated that “Olympic Games” would set back Iran’s production of a nuclear weapon by 1.5 to 2 years. By the summer of 2010, 130,00 computers were infected by the Stuxnet virus globally.

Once copies of the worm escaped Natanz, it was available on the internet. So, the US and Israel sought out to find new targets that could further slow Iran’s progress. After hackers altered the code, Stuxnet was turned off on June 24, 2012. However, that isn’t the end of cyber warfare, other worms are in the process of being created. So, what’s next?


Infographic by Veracode Application Security



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