Is your granny experiencing sore hands, bags under her eyes, back pain and headaches, bad personal hygiene and irregular sleep patterns? Is she inattentive to surroundings and depressed when away from the keyboard? Have you heard her slip out an “omg” or “lmao” or “afk”? Granny might have a gaming addiction.

With a quarter of gamers being over the age of 50, senior gaming is on the rise. Boomers on the internet spend more than 100 minutes of their leisure time per week playing video or computer games online. With all the games at your and granny’s disposal, it can really help her social life by reconnecting with friends while also making new ones.

Zynga, the grandaddy of gaming targets seniors with familiar and simple user-friendly games. But beware, gaming can be addictive. With 1 in 5 women leaving their husband or boyfriend due to neglect linked with too much gaming, it is always good to put the laptop away, the tablet down, and spend some quality time with those you love.
Gaming with Granny Infographic

Infographic by Assisted Living Today



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