Calling all cold callers, while you’re calling out, how successful are you on making that big sale? We know you often don’t take “no” for an answer, so what are you going to do to ensure that sale?

With 80% of people saying 2 or more cold calls over a 2 month period is annoying, it’s in your best interest to make the best of each call. Before contacting your potential buyer, you should fully understand their industry, primary business goals, and company size. Meaning, you wouldn’t call a potato chip company and try to sell them boat insurance. Interact with your customer first, sell second. The hardest part is getting them to talk to you in the first place. Therefore, by making a connection, you may hold their interest a little longer.

By making a personal connection, there is a 243% increase in sales productivity. Even for callers with a direct connection, the likelihood of receiving a return call increases 11 times. When making your call, it has been stated that the most annoying vendor approaches to a busy C-Level are unsolicited phone calls, a lack of preparation and knowledge and unsolicited emails (SPAM).

Although it is rare and difficult to sell on a cold call, don’t get discouraged. Make that connection and make that sale. Share the risk, share the reward.

Check out this infographic presented by InsideView to learn more.

Game of Sales [Infographic] 1


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