It’s all about making a personal connection when making a cold call. A cold call is an unwelcome interruption and cold callers are uninformed. As a cold callers, you will often not accept “no” as an answer. So, how do you make that sale?

The top three most annoying vendor approaches include a lack of preparation and knowledge as well as unsolicited emails and phone calls. So, try to avoid these. Also, before contacting your customers or businesses, you should fully understand the industry they work in, their primary business goals and the size of their company. Once you fully understand the line of work, interact first and then sell. When a personal connection is made, callers have seen a 243% increase in their sales productivity.

Therefore, when sitting on that iron throne of sales, it is always best to make personal connections with your potential buyer before swooping in with a sale. When your buyer feels that they know you and you are fully aware of their business and goals, they will be more inclined to listen and even buy. Happy selling!

Check out this infographic presented by InsideView to learn more.

Game of Sales [Infographic] 1


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