The Fall of Blackberry… Will There Be a Rise? 1Blackberry was the first device that really initiated the phone revolution. The company responsible for the device, Research in Motion made a name for themselves back in 99 when all of this was new and exciting. Of course, it is still exciting, but not so much thanks to Blackberry.

About now, it’s the fourth popular smartphone around trailing behind manufacturers such as Ericsson, Apple, and Google. It’s a pretty sad drop from its olden glory days; especially when we remember that it really was blackberry that reined king at one time, bringing us such new unheard of things such as email from phone, a mobile telephone, text messages, internet faxing and browsing servers all back in 2003. In other words, it brought us the whole office technology range in one very sleek, easy to carry set. So let us look at where RIM went oh so utterly wrong and whether it can ever manage to bounce back.

The Market Share Division
Well at the moment, Android sets hold 51% of the market leaving most of the other half in the hands of Apple’s iPhone. There is no real talk of blackberry in the market and those who still own one are usually seen carrying it around with furtive, apologetic looks. The smartphone still managed some turn out but somewhere along the line (the line being Oct 2011) there was a nosedive in user responses. Statistics already had it that more than half of Blackberry users were going to make the switch to Android or iPhone; which in the following months they have.

So what happened? Well if anyone can make any heads or tails of it, it seems that Blackberry being the first successful smartphone just felt it had nothing to fear. And in 2007, the general public got the taste of other options after having consistently used Blackberry for years. Unfortunately, Blackberry just did not bother reacting in time. There were no updates or innovative redeeming qualities coming out of RIM which just made the entire Blackberry marketing campaign fall stale. So of course, the market share was going to do nothing but dissipate.

The Stale Product
The marketing campaigns could do nothing to save blackberry which brings us to the point that the product itself was a failed one. RIM failed to innovate and the public became bored. So much so that even hackers lost interest and the height of blackberry spyware development fell through right when Android and iPhone spy apps and malware became promising.  You know something is wrong even when malware professionals stop taking interest. Which is in essence what happened; RIM and Blackberry bored the public to death.  All they have to offer is really just a limited range of apps (which is nothing compared to other app markets), push email (which everyone now offers), and BBM messenger service (which alone is not enough to compete with current smart phones).

So all in all, the failure can be interpreted along these two-fold reasons. Whether it can make a comeback or not is something one can’t be certain about. Blackberry fans would like to think so and if RIM can work along these lines, then the possibility of Blackberry rising is not one too impossible to imagine.

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About the Author: This article was written by Jane Andrew on behalf of cellspyexpert. She provides tips and tricks about blackberry spy and iPhone spy software. To find out more about iPhone spy, follow her on Twitter or click here.

The Fall of Blackberry… Will There Be a Rise? 2


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