With your cellphone being like another appendage, it’s no wonder why we use these smartphones so often to search the web. Facebook reigning supreme as the number one searched website via mobile. There are nearly 2,500 variations of search queries with the word “Facebook”. For every 100 searches for Facebook via mobile, 2.52 of those looked up “Twitter” and a mere 0.07 searched for “Linkedin”.


Advertisers with mobile-optimized sites and targeted campaigns have a clickthrough rate that is 11.5% higher than non-mobile optimized. During mobile searching, 26% of search terms are unique, while only 2.5% of searches are top keyword. So when do you get on the web and search? Most mobile devices are used in the PM hours. While seeing a major increase of usage around bedtime, a majority of desktop usage is used in the morning hours.

While 70% of visitors act on search results, the average response time for a desktop search is one week while the average response time for mobile search is only one hour. With this being said, 40% of searches on the mobile web are local.

So, whether you’re looking up McDonalds (with 100 searches mobile and 83 desktop) or getting your search on for Justin Bieber, you’ll be able to find everything it is that you’re looking for right there at your fingertips.
A Snapshot of Mobile Search Trends [Infographic]
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